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High school days ⎟ AU


Reika squinted her eyes more, keeping her gaze at Hajime’s back wondering if he would keep avoiding the subject. She pursed her lips at seeing him turning around, not missing any of the faces he made. “You’re being suspicious, and now even more” she remarked as she kept on observing him trying to have his own way. "There’s no way someone believes that” Reika wondered if that actually worked for him anytime. “You know that you won’t ever convince me right–?” she cut herself off when he turned around again. "Doesn’t he know that I can still hear him? but well, actually I’m wondering why did I have to choose this place too." Snorting in annoyance, she decided to leave it like that for now before looking back at Sakurako, who was now greeting her. “It’s been a surprise indeed, a good one” she glanced at Hajime when she mentioned him, letting out a sigh. “That was a surprise too, I was so distracted I didn’t see him when I sat down. I think he definitely did. He tried to do the same to you too?” she asked, feeling somehow better at hearing that. “I was surprised at first but not that much once I realized it was him” she shook her head lightly, her lips curving in a tiny smile.

The next professor came finally after talking some more, making her turn around quickly to face the front and take out a book and a few pens since she forgot to do so earlier. After that, the day passed by normally; meeting Someya-sama on the first day and having those encounters were pretty much the most interesting that happened on the first day. Reika had to admit that despite her complaining, picking that seat maybe wasn’t that bad after all. She sure yelled a lot at Hajime but she thought it was nice of him to talk with the new student, seeing the glances others were still directing at him at times. She wouldn’t tell him that though, messing with him could be fun. Luckily for her, their tutor came over from time to time to exchange some words with the current professors and she seized those times to stare at him, since surely he wouldn’t do so on the next days. 

Sakurako’s attention was still fixed on the book on her desk, but still she was peering at Naoya out of the corner of her eye. Noticing his funny expressions and how he seemed to be talking to himself mentally. She also noticed how he was trying to get her attention with no luck. “A leader?” She asked in a low voice, suppressing a quiet laugh. “I’m sorry to say this Naoya-kun but… I think there’s no such thing as leader in here but…” She paused, turning her face to him. “Good luck with that.” She simply added with a small smile turning her attention to her book again. Sakurako was surprised at how nice, and fun, Naoya was, still she couldn’t help but feel a bit scared. It hadn’t even passed two minutes and she had to left her book reading again to pay attention to Reika, who was talking to her. “Un. He did once. I think. I’m lucky I turned around in time.” She said with a laugh. “It’s not really surprising when it comes to him.”

Finally.” Sakurako thought once the next teacher came in finally. She had the feeling it was a quiet and slow day. As expected of the first one. Either way Sakurako already was excited for the semester and things it could bring. In all honesty, having Naoya sitting next to her was the most fun thing of the day. She sure found amusing how the boy seemed to be lost and clueless, only looking at his old notebook during most of the time in class. Despite being a bit scared of him, Sakurako tried to help him in everything she could, even handing him the notes she took, just in case. The fact that Kindaichi talked to him, while the rest of the class sent disapproving glares to him, made her glad in some way. His looks were scary but he didn’t seem that scary deep down. To Sakurako, the first day, was a nice one. More than she was expecting it to be.

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High School Days AU ‘verse – Kindaichi x Reika

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High school days ⎟ AU


Tapping her fingers soundly against the other’s desk, Reika waited not very patiently for the other to turn around, narowing her eyes at seeing him doing so pretty unwillingly. She raised a brow at his words, not buying the innocent face he tried to pull of. "Is he trying to fool me now?!" It was obviously him who tried to peek under her skirt in the hall on their way there before, and she was sure of that. “I didn’t get the wrong person, and if I were even doubting now I’m sure of it. You’re being too suspicious.” she replied, ponting at him accusingly with her finger. She noticed the nerve he had to denied everything as if it didn’t happen. “It’s gross and something tells me it wasn’t the first nor the last time you did that to a girl. Oi, are you listening to me?!” she complained loudly as he turned around, that bugging feeling that she had seeing him somewhere growing on her.

She couldn’t help but overhearing his conversation, turning her head now towards the girl that was sitting besides the new student, noticing her for the first time. “Ah, Sakurako. I didn’t know you were going to this class too” she blinked in surprise at seeing her last year classmate there; at least she found someone else that she knew, and she wasn’t sitting that far away from her. Her gaze turned back to the boy behind her again as he introduced himself to the new student, finally remembering what she knew him from. “So that’s Hajime! I totally forgot we were classmates last year too” she remembered him clearly now. Most of the times she saw him around it was him going after girls though, with not very good intentions probably. He was lazy but apparently he was really clever as his grandfather. That year she met Someya-sama too and that was surely the reason why other boys looked blurred in her memory.

She leaned down for a moment and reached out her hand to take out a couple of books from her school bag as Naoya kept talking to her, and she not really paying enough attention to what he was saying. “I think it stands out more everywhere.” Simply responding, looking briefly at his hair again before she opened one of her textbooks, focusing on it. “I guess that such coincidences do exist, ne?” Sakurako inquired, not even raising her gaze from her book. She stayed quiet for a moment, watching him from he corner of her eye, how he was patting his cheek in a funny manner, making Sakurako to laugh lightly, turning her attention to her book again. 

However, she kept laughing at how Reika was telling Kindaichi off and he was playing dumb, as he always did when a girl caught him peeking under her skirt. "He will never learn." She said with a sigh, flipping some pages of the textbook. Sakurako turned around as well once Naoya did, after she called him by his name. “I hope I will be of help.” The girl softly nodded, his following compliment taking her by surprise. “Thank you. Feel free to call me Sakurako then.” She gave him a small smile, looking down at her textbook again, once Kindaichi called him, meaning that she could finally focus on what she was reading. She snorted in slight annoyance once she heard someone else calling her. Thinking it’d be Naoya again, she raised her head to look at him, noticing he was talking to Kindaichi and the one calling her was Reika. Laughing in embarrassment, she bowed her head towards the other girl in greeting. “It’s a surprise that we get to share the same class again. Along with Kindaichi-kun too. And I wouldn’t be too surprised if he actually was the one that peeked under your skirt. He tried to do the same to me once.”

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High school days ⎟ AU


Reika wondered why she had to choose that place to seat of all places. There weren’t many seats left when she arrived but still she didn’t imagine she would end up sitting just in front of that boy of before, not even sharing class with him and now there he was, looking at her with guilt over his face. On the bright side, she got to see her favorite teacher already in the first day so she decided to deal with that later, turning around again to pay attention to what Someya-sama was saying without taking her eyes off of him. The time always passed by fast when he was there and before she realized he already was leaving to give pass to the next teacher. Her eyes followed him until he left the classroom, letting out a big sigh at realizing they didn’t have any class with him that day.

The girl in front of her turned around to ask her something so she made a little chat; it seemed that she didn’t know many people in that class and now that she took a better look around neither did she, unlike last year. Suddenly remembering the incident on the way to the class again, she pushed her chair backwards until reaching the desk of behind, tapping on it a few times with her palm to make the boy sitting behind turn around again. “Hey, I know you’re that boy of before and I know what you were trying to do” she said in a rather annoyed tone, raising a brow. “You shouldn’t go around peeking under the girls’ skirts, that’s gross”  she added, inspecting his face as she did so, not knowing why his face seemed rather familiar to her. 

Sakurako focused her attention on the notebook in front of her, taking quick looks at the boy next to her, who was clearly trying to start a conversation with her. Should she just pretend she didn’t hear him? But it wouldn’t be really nice of her, given that he was new and he was at least trying to be nice to her, and he didn’t sound that scary at all. Just his looks were. Turning her face to him slowly, Sakurako gave a soft chuckle before giving out a response. “I—I do remember you from before…” She spoke in a low voice. “It’s not easy to forget that blonde hair.” She pointed to his hair, dropping her hand to her desk again. “Un. What a coincidence, ne?” The girl agreed, simply replying, fiddling with her fingers under the desk, resting on her lap. “Not at all… I was just distracted. Gomen.” Adding that to her statement, she looked away, cutting off the conversation, coming to realize she didn’t introduce herself. “Ishinomaki Sakurako desu. Nice to meet you.” She introduced herself with a small smile, looking down at her notebook again.

Breathing out a sigh, she was glad he wasn’t that scary and she could have a short yet normal conversation with him. “Why the teacher isn’t here yet? It’s almost break time and first hour is almost gone.” Doodling on her notebook, she raised her gaze to Kindaichi and Reika, laughing at the situation under her breath. “I knew he would end up regretting doing that to Reika-san.” She left her pencil in her pencil case and observed how Reika was telling him off, amused at it. Still she couldn’t help but wonder if she came off as rude to the new student. “Naoya-kun.” She called him out, her voice low again. “If you have any question or something… I can help you with that.” She nodded, half regretting telling him so.

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